Product - AGDE Premium DSP Module



AGDE Premium Digital Audio Signal Processor Module

[New] 2013.10 Release
The AGDE, Altonics Genuine Digital Effect is Altonics’ newest line of high-quality/performance multi effects processors. Although many users of the AGDE-E20 will be looking for a solution for high-end multi-effectors or guitar & bass related sound processing, the wide range of effects provided by the AGDE-E20 is suitable for various applications including mixers, karaoke amplifiers and other sound enhancement products.

▶ Premium effects solution for guitar/bass amplifiers, multi-effectors, mixers and more.
▶ Accurate simulation of the hottest effectors, amplifiers and signature sounds from top musicians.
▶ 32-bit full digital processing, 24-bit AD/DA conversion, and sampling rates of up to 96 kHz.
▶ RoHS (PB-free)

▶ Analog Audio Input / Output : 2-in 2-out
▶ Fully Differential Input and Output (or Single-ended Input and Fully Differential Output)
▶ Nominal Level : 1.414Vrms = 4Vpp (Fully Differential I/O) / 0.707Vrms = 2Vpp (Single-ended Input)
▶ DSP arithmetic: 32-bit
▶ Internal AD/DA converter : 24-bit / 48kHz, up to 96kHz (External AD/DA can be used)
▶ S/N Ratio : >90dB
▶ Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 dB
▶ 5V single-powered
▶ 3.3V power outputs for analog/digital peripherals
▶ 24 general-purpose I/O with pull-up, and up to 7 A-D converting (10-bit) inputs
▶ 1x UART
▶ Power Consumption : 55mA
▶ Dimension : 60mm x 50mm
▶ Connection: Single-line 22-pin Header, 2.54mm-pitch, Down-sided (optional 22-pin available)


[AGDE-E20 Datasheet (English) v1.2]PDF Download

[AGDE-E20 Layout]PDF Download